Friday, January 25, 2013

"Trim, Trim & More Trim..."

It's amazing how much trim work has to be done in a log cabin... Everything needs trim. But getting into that detail work has really made the place come alive! Floor trim, door trim, window trim, birdblock trim, ceiling trim, loft trim, closet trim, outlet trim, log trim...... And I'm sure there is more that I have forgotten to mention. But you get the picture. So this blog is full of pictures of all the trim.

A closeup of the birdblocks
Birdblocks all trimmed & touched up with another coat of stain

Got the kitchen sink in!
The kitchen is really starting to have a cool feel

Ceiling & loft trim finished
Floor & door trim finished
Got the LG Mini-split system in & operating- (this is my heating & air conditioner)
Window trim complete
Loft trim
Doors in & stained
Bathroom sink in
Bathroom door in & stained
Bathroom sink trim complete

More pics to come!!