Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Log Cottage Coming to Life...

So this blog is full of pictures to get you up to date with everything that's gotten done recently. Enjoy!!!
Got the outdoor light fixtures up & the window boxes
All the appliances are in & functioning...

The floor & the spiral stair treads are finished & looking good!

The floor trim is finished

Put in some neat woodsy blinds for privacy
The shower is ready to be used
I'm starting to stock dishes. It's about time for a party!
View from the loft looking down the spiral staircase
I have a bed!!!
All the railing is up & looking good
View of the great room from the loft
I love my kitchen sink. A great Craigslist find!
Trim is finished in the kitchen 

Now it's time to start making it cozy inside & out with some furniture & landscaping....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spiral Stairs go in!

Well, I'm just going to throw two blog posts together back to back to catch you guys up on everything that's been happening out at the cabin. The biggest adventure this time around is the spiral stairs. I ordered a stair kit from up north, which came to me in a few different pieces. When the kit arrived, I had loaded it all up on my trailer & hauled it down to the cabin & just set it out front. Then several mornings later I woke up to monsoon rains, and I shot straight up out of bed & started thinking about the metal rusting, which only had a coat of primer on it. I decided then that I wanted to spray a couple of coats of black paint on it. A friend was gracious enough to let me borrow his yard to do the painting. So I hauled it all over to his place & we began. Jamey & Trey did most of the painting & did a great job installing it all too! Once it was all put together, Jamey welded a few of the joints together & wallah!
Jamey & Trey bolting the platform in place
Spiral stairs looking good!
So along with the spiral stairs, I ordered a rolling ladder from the same company. I wanted to utilize the space in the loft above the kitchen, so put in some cabinets to store books & dishes & whatever else. It adds a nice feel to the place.
Jamey putting the railing up for the rolling ladder
Check out the rolling ladder in the kitchen
Loving the pendants hanging over the concrete island
Looking good!
Jamey also cut the cedar brackets to go under the island 
Spiral stairs in place, trying to decide whether to put wood treads on for an accent
Stairs from another angle
View from the loft. Railing in place & looking good
Well, I did decide to put some wooden treads on the stairs & on the ladder as well. I went to my guy at the local mill & he gave me a bunch of free fir, so that's what we used! It turned out rather nice.
Wooden treads in place
Wooden treads in place. Experimenting with what color to stain the floors

I also decided to install a glass shower. The bathroom is pretty small & I wanted it to have a more open feel to it. Also I wanted to show off the cool tile in the shower & the amazing RPSL (Ridge pole support log) that is standing tall in the bathroom.
RPSL is a nice addition to the bathroom 
Glass shower installed & looking awesome
Stay tuned! I'll have a lot more pictures shortly...