Thursday, April 30, 2009

Building a strong foundation

Well, the log peeling for our first order of logs was a breeze! Maybe partly because it is cypress, but also because they sat for a year, the bark came off in really large chunks. We just got it going, prying it up along the way with our spuds, and then we could pull off long strips of it. That was actually kind of therapeutic, in a wierd sort of way...

Since the logs are peeled, we have been focused on building the foundation for the garage apartment. Stewart is working closely with a concrete guy who is teaching him as they go. They built the form for the wall, which was quite a process, all so it can have concrete poured in and then torn down. It sure looks good though. We are also doing some of the basic plumbing that goes underneath the slab, and hopefully tomorrow will get the slab poured. Although, it is supposed to rain, so we will see. We are chipping away every week, and enjoying the process as we go. We've also started cataloging our logs too. 10 down, 50 to go...

Since we have all this beautiful cypress bark in large, long chunks, we are entertaining our creativity in what we can do with it all. We have a few ideas.... We certainly don't want it to go to waste! =)

Above is a picture of the concrete wall for the garage, and below is our driveway with the leaves starting to come in.

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