Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving Right Along...

It's been a while since I last post, and we have been steadily working each week as we have the opportunity. The slab was poured for the foundation in the garage, it looks really good. We waterproofed the wall, put in a french drain, backfilled around the wall, and have been finishing the cataloging process. We first began cataloging the logs by taking their length, diameter at each end, and a description of each. For example: bowed & curvy, really straight, beautiful knots, etc. Once we finished cataloging the logs, then we began the treatment process. We decided to go with the homebrew version, because it is much less expensive than buying it already concocted. Apparently this is a U.S. Navy formulated wood treatment that is very effective. We have been in the process for the last week spraying all the logs with the treatment. We are half way through our second round of treatment for each log. We are going to do one more treatment once the logs are up. We are excited to say we are planning on beginning to put up the logs this next week. We will put up the termite shield, then go pick up the forklift we are going to use to lift the logs. If all goes according to plan, we will start lifting logs Tuesday!!! Anyone who wants to come hang out or help, come on!

You know, it's amazing how many people look at us like we are crazy, or that we have lost our minds. All they can think to say is, "you got a lot of work to do....." Really??
Yes, we have lots of work to do, lots of sweat & toil, but what an awesome accomplishment! We are going for our dreams, and plan to make our dreams happen. And Lord willing, we WILL enjoy the fruits of our labors for years & years & years to come! (And be debt free...)

Below, check out the french drain we put in. Also pictures of our logs as we catalog them, and of course Stewart making the first batch of our homebrew. Not really our homebrew, the logs homebrew... Ours will be later... :-D

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