Friday, June 19, 2009

Walls are up!

Another awesome week, and again, pleasantly surprised by the folks who are showing up to help out. Thanks guys! We were able to get all the wall logs up this week, 8 levels total were needed. The top 2 levels took more prep work because they are the smaller logs, as well as the tops of trees, so they are more curvy and knotty. It is a puzzle figuring out where each log should go according to their shape and diameter at each end. It has to be level too. Stewart has done a fine job of putting the pieces together. Props to him! Although the prep work for the top two levels was longer, the actual size of those logs is much smaller, so our crew really got a rhythm going drilling holes, starting rebar, pounding it in with a demo-hammer, and finishing them off with a sledge hammer. Good job guys.

(Our crew for the week)

(From left: Stewart, Taylor, Derrick, Chris)

(The Look of intense concentration...)

Once the wall logs were up, we started on the girder log. Oh, the girder log... This is the log that is slid through the side of the wall and supports our floor. It ended up taking us about 8 hours to do the girder, which is crazy, but we certainly learned a few things in the process. We started out with Stewart doing all the prep work, shaving down knots that were in the way, cutting the log to exact length, cutting the butt end of the log so it has a fresh edge. Wow, it's a big one!

(Check out the size of that girder!) (Stew cutting out holes for the girder log)

Once the log was ready to go, we had to cut the holes in the walls on each side where it fits through. Tip: When putting up the walls, plan for the girder log as well. We planned for the windows, we didn't think about the girder. We dinged up a chainsaw blade hitting rebar in the logs. We also didn't cut the smaller hole quite big enough, but we had already started putting the girder thru the hole. It was a bear cutting that hole a little bigger, with the dull chainsaw blade. Tip: Go ahead a change the chainsaw blade out. It's worth it. Anyways, it's done. It fits perfectly, & looks awesome!

(The Girder doesn't look so big anymore. Check out that nice butt!)

Once the girder was in place, we began putting up our first RPSL (That's Ridge Pole Support Log). It's in place and we are ready to start grooving next week. It's really starting to look like a house.
A really cool one at that! Stay posted!

(Rachel's favorite log. Check out the grooves & grains on that thing!)

(Dirty crew shot at the end of a hard days work)

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