Friday, August 28, 2009

The Roof.....

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since the last post. We took an awesome vacation to the beach for a week for some R&R. It was perfect. We were able to let our bodies rest a little bit. Rachel's fingers are still stiff from all the pounding & sanding!
We are back at it again, chugging away on the roof portion of our garage apartment. We counted up about 8 steps of the roof building process. We are chipping away, every week.
Once all of the felt paper was in place, we were ready to begin measuring & cutting the sleeper rafters.
Once we got those all nailed in place, we began measuring & cutting the blocking that goes between the sleeper rafters. We also figured out where we want the recessed lights to go, and built boxes and began putting those up as well.
While all that was going on, Rachel sanded the entire cabin, inside & out, using an osborn brush. The osborn brush works great for buffing the logs and getting the hair off, making the logs really smooth.
We also got the piles of leftover logs picked up and cut into lumber. And, we moved the RV to a different part of the property, to make room for the house logs that we HOPE will be delivered soon. Those logs will be alot longer, so we'll need all the room we can get.

Pray that it doesn't rain, because our cypress house logs are still standing in a swamp right now. We would love for it to be dry enough to get them in the next month or so. Regardless of when we get them, we know it will be perfect timing! We've got plenty to do in the meantime...

(Sleeper rafters in place)

(Sleeper rafters from a different view)

(Stewart, Rachel, & Andy- another fellow LHBA member, who came to help us for a day)

(Rachel cutting the blocking to go in between the sleeper rafters)
(The RV moved to its new spot, & a much more cozy one at that)
(Stewart putting in the blocking. He's getting quite good on the 10/12 pitch roof)


  1. Wow, it's really looking fab, you guys. I'm so stinking impressed. I can't wait to bring our girls to visit our friends in their cabin in the woods that they built themselves! :)

  2. That is a nice house. I like the GSL. Lots of Character. I am planning on doing somthing similar 1/2 a continent away in alberta.

  3. Awesome! Looks like we're at about the same spot you are... only on a much, much slower timeline! =)

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