Sunday, September 27, 2009

Log Garage, continued....

I've been waiting to add another post until I had a variety of pictures. It has been raining for 3 weeks now, which has slowed us down some. After Stewart finished the blocking for the roof, we went to working on the logs themselves, since they are covered. We washed the logs with a biowash product, which renews the wood and gets out any gray that is there. Then, we did our final log treatment with the U.S. Navy concoction. We are glad to have that part done. We are ready to start building again!
(Stewart finished all of the blocking for the roof, in between the sleeper rafters)

(A picture of the boxes built for the recessed lighting)

(The logs after we washed them with the Biowash. They are brighter now)

After we washed and treated the logs, we decided that before we finish the roof, we are going to go ahead and build the gables, 2nd floor, and the framing for interior walls. That way all of the electrical and insulation can be done in one fell swoop. We have put tarps on the roof to protect it and keep it dry, until we are ready to finish that portion. So, on to the gables we go!
(Stewart cutting out the windows with one fantastic chain saw! Thanks, Pat Burns. Stewart did a great job cutting them out perfectly straight)

(A picture of the front windows cut out)

(The kitchen window cut out)

(Stewart putting the studs in on the front gable)

(Building a window header on the front gable)