Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Roof

Well, we have been quite busy over the last few weeks working on the roof. We feel really good about it & have gotten alot done. It feels like we are always on some sort of time crunch though with the rain. Lately it seems that each week brings with it a new system of rainy days. We just do what we can around the weather.
In the last post, we had kind of switched gears. We were focused on the floor joists for the second floor, then staining the logs, but we decided to go ahead and tackle the roof & get it completely finished, so that's what we have been focused on.
We had some guys come out and do the insulation for the roof. We are using a closed-cell spray foam insulation, which is very efficient. It's also not all itchy like the fiberglass stuff, which is really cool! Check out the link to their website at the bottom if interested.

(Here's a picture of the spray foam completed)

Once the insulation was finished, we nailed 1x4's all along the roof for the metal panels to attach to.

Then, it was time for our roof to be delivered! We are going with a metal roof, for two reasons: We really like the look of it & it is very efficient. We are pretty pumped about it! When the roof was delivered, they actually made the panels on site. Alabama Steel is the company we went with, & I put the link for them at the bottom as well.

I've got several pictures of the roof process. It has taken us about 5 days to put the panels on, but we saved about $1,000/day doing it ourselves! That made it worth it for us.
(1st side of panels going up)

(Stewart snapping down panels)

(A picture from on top of the roof. Check out our cute little RV that we live in while building, & the house foundation to the right. That'll be Round 2!)

(1st side of panels up)

(2nd side of panels up)

We got all of the panels on, but we still have some metal trim to put on & the fascia board trim as well.
Speaking of the fascia board, we had a nice pile of cypress logs left over after putting up the cabin that we had taken to the mill. We got it all cut up to use for many different pieces of the cabin, including the fascia board. That is the trim that goes along the edge of the roof on the front & sides. Here's a picture of our fascia board drying.

We also had some logs cut in half to make stairs. We wanted some really beefy stairs...

Once the panels were all on the roof, Stewart sanded the ends of each rafter, then stained them.

Not bad for our first roof job ever!!
Next up, staining the logs!! I think that will really make the cabin start to come to life!


  1. Looks great! What will 'round 2' be?

  2. Fun stuff! My parents got a metal roof on their house recently, and it looks great. Good choice.