Monday, January 11, 2010

"The Bubble"

Well, even though it has been freakin' freezin' here in Alabama, we have still managed to keep rolling. Apparently, it has been the longest stretch of freezing cold weather here in 70 years.
We were at a point where we decided we needed to stain the inside of the logs before we put the second floor in. But, it has been really cold, and the stain needs to be a minimum of 40 degrees. But, we really needed to stain. So, we created "the bubble..."

(The Bubble...)

Stewart tented in the whole garage with plastic, then bought the awesome kerosene Reddy Heater. So when we had lows in the teens all week, it was around 60 degrees in the garage. It's great!!

We have been able to keep moving and have gotten alot done. Everyone thinks we are crazy that we are working in this weather, but little do they know we are in the cozy bubble.
Stewart got all of the inner walls stained. Thanks Dad, for helping us out! We went with Sascho's Tan Pine for our interior stain.
(Inner walls stained, looking at the kitchen window)
We are really loving the color. We were up in the garage looking at the logs, especially the huge RPSL's in the middle, with all of the grooves & grains; we decided it really feeds our souls.

(Check out the beauty of that RPSL)

(The girder going through the middle, notched out for the floor joists)
We also got the floor joists stained. We have gone with a slightly less red & more brown stain this time, Gunstock. I think we are really going to like it, but since it's the garage, we can play a little bit.

We are almost finished framing the back gable now. Just a few more touches to finish the framing for the trapezoid windows in the loft.

(Back gable framing)

Then, we got the floor joists up & in place. Yay! Looking good. Now we just have to tweak them to get them all level, then we'll start putting in the second floor.

(Looking up at the floor joists in place)

(View from atop the floor joists)

Next up, second floor going in, closing in the gables, then staining the outside of the logs. We want to take the bubble down for that to get better air ventilation, so hopefully it will warm up!!!!

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  1. Rachel I love your garage apartment. I found your blog a few days ago and have read the entire thing. I am trying to convince my husband to take the class(he thinks I'm a little crazy)Has all the hard work been worth it so far? I was also wondering if you designed the garage yourself it is beautiful and I love the cypress wood!