Sunday, March 21, 2010

Man, O Man... We're liking it.

I know it's been a while since the last post & I've been chomping at the bit waiting to take more pictures. Because of "the bubble" I haven't been able to take many good pictures. But, we took it down this past weekend, so this blog is really picture heavy!
I'll begin with a copy of the invitation we have sent out for our "chinking" party this next weekend. If you are reading this blog you are more than welcome to stop by! See the invitation below:
Your Invited
the Bieber Log Home Chinking Party!

Bring your spouse, bring your kids
bring your friends, bring your bibs
It's the Perfect time
for insulation & mortar
All we need is help to put it in order
We've got the tools & the food
& a special job for you!!
And at the end of the day if it's icy & cold
We'll have a big bonfire & a warm drink to hold
By chinking our logs, you get your face on our blog!
So bring your boots, bring good cheer
Just get your rump here!

March 27 & 28th
Saturday & Sunday
(Sunrise to Sunset)

Come for a day or your welcome to stay!

RSVP to Stewart

Call & let us know if you'll be stopping by so we'll know how much food to prepare.
We look forward to seeing you!
Now, on to the pictures of our progress!
(Vapor barrier up in front. Window casings almost finished)

(Window casings done, edges beveled)

(Loft beams stained & up. Gable windows put in)

(Kitchen window casing in)

(Looking up at the loft beams. We went with the stain "Gunstock" by Minwax for the floor joists)

(Bathroom & closet framing partly done, with loft beams on top)

(Looking up at loft beams)

(Window casings stained)

(Close up. This was a hard job, but we are so glad we did it. Check out our little home through the window)

(Stewart & Taylor putting up 2x10 cypress fascia board. All of our fascia boards came from left over scrap logs that we had cut into boards)

(Cedar shake shingles up, outside stained, fascia board up along roof line for trim. We stained the logs with Sascho's Gold Tone Medium, & the cedar shake with Red Tone Light)

(Side view of logs & roof detail. Still have to finish the rake trim on the roof along the fascia, but looking good)

(Close up of front windows)

(Side view)
(Back side with gable windows in, before fascia is up. Kitchen window looks tiny, but it's not)
(Fascia boards up on back wall. Much better!)
Next up, chinking the logs. We'll be roughing it in with insulation & mortar. Then comes windows & doors! Then we'll be ready to focus on the interior for a while...


  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are awesome! This looks exactly like what I played with in linking logs! I love it and wish I was in town to attend that chinking party. That invitation sold me! Great job:) Love yall!!

  2. W O W !

    It looks amazing you guys. Amazing. I wish we could be there to help; I hope you have a great turnout!

  3. Hi! Found this blog post doing a search on Sashco Gold Medium. Can you tell me why you didn't stain the shingles Gold Medium like the logs? We are trying to decide on which Sashco stain color to use and we thought we would do Gold Medium on the cedar shingles and also on our pine logs. I would love to know your thought process on this decision. Thanks!!