Monday, February 1, 2010

On to the next level...

(Back gable framing...)

Wow! We have had so much fun the last two weeks building this thing! We got the back gable framing finished, then we got the front & back gables closed in. It's really starting to feel like a cabin now!

(Front gable closed in..)

(Back gable closed in...)

We then got the home wrap put on the back gable which is the vapor barrier, then we caulked all of the cracks to seal it. I couldn't get a great picture of this b/c we still have "the bubble" up.

(Vapor Barrier in place...)

Stewart finished putting in all the floor joists for the second floor & got them all level.

Then we put in the SL's (support logs) to support the floor joists around the stairwell. There is just something about building with logs that is so much fun! Cutting them to size with a massive chainsaw, then hoisting them in place with chains. It is awesome!! And what a beautiful touch it adds to a home!

We then began putting the 2nd level hardwood flooring in. We are only doing half of the floor for now, then when we do the electrical for all of the inner walls, we can hide the wires. We are doing pine hardwoods all throughout the cabin.

(Hardwood flooring cut around the Ridge Pole. Nice job Stewart!)

(Flooring around the stairwell..)
See our chain hoist set up for lifting the support logs into place. We have 1 more SL to put upstairs in the kitchen area to support the floor joists for the loft.

We then began framing up the inner walls. That didn't take any time at all! We've pretty much got all the inner framing up now. Of course, this is the garage, so there are not many walls needed. It's a pretty open floor plan, with a small kitchen, bathroom, & closet on one side, and the rest open.

(Inner walls framed up...)

(A view from the bottom level looking up at the ceiling...)

Stay tuned! Next up, putting up the loft floor joists, building the stairs, & putting up the cedar shake shingles on the gables!

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