Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eating the Elephant...

I'll never forget the times just after Stewart's death when I was thinking about this cabin project & contemplating what I was going to do & how in the world I was going to make it happen with Stewart gone. As I have said before, a great friend told me, "Rachel, How do you eat an elephant?... You can't look at the big picture, but you have to eat that thing one bite at a time..."

It has been 19 months since my new journey began. It feels quick & it feels long all at the same time, but it feels really amazing that I am actually really eating this elephant!!

I have learned so much in the last 19 months. Not only about building a log cabin, but about life! It's as if the journey I am walking through of tackling this project is a reflection of what God is doing in my life as I continue to move forward, face hard things & tackle the unknown territories... It has been so good for me to push though the intimidation I have felt to keep going, all the while chipping away, learning all kinds of new things & every week getting one step closer to completing the creation that began as just a dream... What a cool experience this has been... Difficult & challenging at times, but cool.

I have been getting so much done on the cabin lately, it feels pretty fantastic. I feel so blessed for the awesome new people I am meeting along the way who have been helping me. God has brought some new friends into my life that have helped me so much! I am humbled by how God is blessing me in this adventure!
And now on to the work I've completed since the last blog:

After the chinking was complete, I got gutters installed.

Then I had spray foam insulation installed in the gables using the company AIT Foam.

Loving the spray foam!

Then Kennon came out & helped me finish framing the closet & the loft wall.

Loft Framing complete

Will & Jamie out to help for a day

Will & Jamie installing the exterior portion of the LG mini-split system

Will running the interior pieces to the mini-split system

Haley, Will & Helen working together to run the tubing for the mini-split

Work crew for the day to install the mini-split system from Left: Sandra (Stewart's sister), Helen, Will, Haley

I also just got the gas lines run in the garage & the tankless hot water heater installed. I got the propane tank out here & the gas lines run to the cabin. Then I had a bunch of inspections!

We are definitely moving along!!!

Up next, dry wall!!! Stay tuned....

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