Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boswell Family Drywall Party!!

And so the drywall begins...

It seems every time I mentioned to someone that I was about to start the drywall, people would say, "oh. I hate drywall."
All the more reason why it is totally awesome that the Boswell Family has come out to help me complete it!! Thank you so much to all of you Boswell's who have bent over backwards to help me with the cabin. We thought it might take 3 days to complete the drywall in the garage, but instead it has taken 3 weekends so far with more to do!!
It doesn't look like much, but cutting around curvy logs has made it a bit more time consuming.Even so, we have had a blast & I have certainly enjoyed the company & the new friendships! This fall weather has been amazing & the cool temps have been perfect for the first ever bonfire that we had!!

This blog entry is comprised of several different weekends of the Boswell's coming out to work on the drywall.

Adam & Zack hanging drywall

Landon, putting insulation in the walls for sound proofing

Adam is cutting out the hole for the stain glass in the bathroom wall

Connor with his oxygen mask on

Adam doing a fine job cutting drywall

Zack smiling big for the camera (I think he likes having his picture taken)

Wayne & Landon, who have both helped me out so much!! Thanks guys!

David spraying foam around the windows & at the base of the gable

Cutting drywall

David & Karen Boswell

David, doing a great job hanging drywall around the Ridgepole

Karen, who is the best "mudder" ever! Thanks Karen for all you have done to help

Landon hanging drywall & Karen sanding the first coat of mud she has applied

A great brotherly photo

Lance cutting drywall

David taping up the logs along the edges.

Part of the reason it has taken so long to do the drywall is because it is being fitted against a curvy log wall. David & Lance did a fine job scribing a pattern from the logs to transpose onto a piece of drywall, then cut it to fit the wall. It's going to look great!

A picture of the drywall coming along & the RPSL log we had to scribe to make it flow together

Landon up high putting a coat of mud in the gable

Me taping up the logs before we mud it with a little mud on my face...

Another thing we are working on is the entry door to the cabin. David built this really cool barbaric door for me out of some left over cypress logs I had cut into boards.
I'm putting a coat of stain on the door.

Lance hanging drywall by the loft. It's coming along!!

Another great brotherly photo (Lance & Landon)

Some of the Boswell boys mudding the entry way up the stairs to the apartment

Me & Lance; of course when you're mudding you gotta put a little mud on your face!

Well we are just one step closer to completion on the drywall. One more coat of mud & we'll be finished with this portion. Stay tuned!!

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